About us

Margaret Julian Architecture is a Wellington-based company but its principal architect can work for clients around New Zealand.

Architect Margaret Julian has 20 years of diverse and successful architectural experience in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch — from large-scale commercial buildings to green-field institutional development and residential projects.

Margaret is an architect with a great attention to detail, an intuitive feel for design and a practised eye for the big picture.

She has designed and managed architectural projects for clients around New Zealand.

Strong client relationships are key to Margaret’s style as an architect and she brings total commitment to your project and your needs.

Built outcomes that meet your strategic goals, have well-considered ‘form and function’, are completed on time and budget, and all done in an open and collaborative process are the foundations on which she builds all her client work.

Qualifications and affiliations

Margaret has a Bachelor of Architecture (University of Auckland) and is a registered Architect Member of the New Zealand Institute of Architects (ANZIA).


Margaret has strong networks in the construction, engineering and planning sectors, and when needed will put together and manage a team of specialists appropriate to your project.